Black Agate is a banded microcrystalline form of Quartz, it has no visible crystals. Its chemical formula is SiO2 i.e. Silicon dioxide, a common material found even in our own human bodies. It has a hexagonal crystal system. It is found in all mineral environments but is most prevalent in igneous rocks such as basalt.

Found in Botswana

  • Use for self-control, grounding, resilience, quiet power and peace.
  • Brings calm, soothing energy and is useful for inward meditation.
  • Help obtain physical/emotional balance, and raises self-confidence.
  • Enables wearer to choose their friends carefully.
Hardness: 6.5-7 
Mohs Specific Gravity: 2.57-2.64 
Refractive Index: 1.53-1.55