Orthoceras x Ammonite Fossil


This piece is a carved fossil of Ammonite and Orthoceras. Ammonites are an extinct cephalopod marine creature related to today’s Nautilus. Orthoceras name means, “straight horn” due to its straight, conical shell. They ranged in size from about a centimeter to over 14 ft long. These creatures lived in the world’s oceans between 370 and 450 million years ago. Ammonites are metaphysically associated with the Third Eye chakra, zodiac sign of Aquarius and vibrate to the number 9. Orthoceras are associated with the Root chakra, the zodiac sign of Virgo and vibrates to the number 5. Ammonites are useful for strength, perserverance, activating your intuition and trusting oneself, while Orthoceras are useful for confidence, lowering anxiety levels and overcoming fears. Together, Ammonite and Orthoceras fossils can help you connect and understand past lives and spirit guides on a deeper level.

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Black, Brown, Gray, White


Root, Third Eye


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