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    Chakra Stone Set


    Are you looking for a quick and easy way to start working with crystals without needing to learn all of the ins and outs? Enter our Chakra Stone Set! This jam-packed set has everything you need to get started with balancing and activating your chakras — and more! Each set contains the following:

    • Rainbow Aura Quartz pyramid for Aligning All Chakras
    • Rainbow Lava Stone bracelet for Keeping Chakras Balanced on the Go
    • Amethyst rough cluster for the Crown Chakra
    • Clear Quartz cluster for the Third Eye Chakra
    • Celestite rough chunk for the Throat Chakra
    • Green Calcite rough chunk for the Heart Chakra
    • HTA (Heat-Treated Amethyst) Citrine tumbled stone for the Solar Plexus Chakra
    • Red Tiger’s Eye tumbled stone for the Sacral Chakra
    • Smokey Quartz tumbled stone for the Root Chakra
    • Optical Calcite rough stone for Keeping Aligned during Meditation
    • Red Aragonite rough stone for Centering your Energy
    • Selenite sphere for Cleansing & Charging your Crystals
    • Driftwood sphere stand for displaying Selenite sphere
    • Desert Sage/Cedar bundle for Smoke Cleansing
    • Guinea Fowl Feather to Beautify your Altar or Meditation Space
    • Shell for Displaying Small Stones

    In addition to these stones and tools, we’re also throwing in a set of intuitively-picked mystery items!

    • 1 Mystery Owl Pendant
    • 1 Mystery 100 gram Bag of Crystal Chips
    • 3 Mystery Crystal Stickers
    • 3 Mystery Tarot Stickers

    If you’re seeking to bring more balance, awareness, and positive energy into your life, you can’t go wrong with this Chakra Stone Set! Incorporate it into your practice today and get aligned with your highest path!


    List of included items with normal retail value:

    • Rainbow Aura Quartz pyramid: $44
    • Rainbow Lava Stone bracelet: $44
    • Amethyst rough cluster: $11
    • Clear Quartz cluster: $12
    • Celestite rough chunk: $5
    • Green Calcite rough chunk: $8
    • HTA (Heat-Treated Amethyst) Citrine tumbled stone: $5
    • Red Tiger’s Eye tumbled stone: $5
    • Smokey Quartz tumbled stone: $5
    • Optical Calcite rough stone: $8
    • Red Aragonite rough stone: $18
    • Selenite sphere: $11
    • Driftwood sphere stand: $33
    • Shell: $11
    • Guinea Fowl feather: $8
    • Desert Sage/Cedar bundle: $11
    • Mystery Owl Pendant: $33
    • Mystery 100g Crystal Chips: $24
    • 3 Mystery Crystal Stickers: $2
    • 3 Mystery Tarot Stickers: $2

    * Promotional images represent a sample set of items, not the exact pieces that will be included with this product. Items included will be of equal retail value to items displayed in promotional images.