Crystals and their Geological and Metaphysical Healing Properties listed in the Crystal Healing Encyclopedia, within the D to F alpha split.

Fluorite, Purple

FancyPurple, Mexico Speak ideas & needs w confidence. Embrace self-sufficiency; don’t rest happiness in the hands of others. Reveal the truth of a relationship. Release suppressed emotions, facilitate life changes.…

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Lady Annabella PurpleRainbow Natural Clears, dispels, cleanses, purifies & reorganizes anything in the body not in perfect order; master organizer. Grounding, absorbs negative energy, cleanses aura/chakras. Anchors intuitive power &…

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Flower of Life

Geometrical figure composed of multiple evenly-spaced, overlapping circles, that are arranged so that they form a flower-like pattern with a sixfold symmetry like a hexagon. The center of each circle…

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Increases coincidence & synchronicity. Stimulates clairaudience, psychic resonance/abilities & manifestation. Revitalizes one’s personal power. Brings harmony to matters of the heart. Trust oneself and others. Eases compulsive behavior/thinking.

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Increases spiritual attunement and removes ingrained resistance to spiritual awakening. Not everyone responds well to this stone, as it brings to the surface feelings and thought patterns that require considerable…

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Purest form of Green Ray, color of heart chakra, love, and compassion, which reflect one’s Divine nature. Helps one live and act from the heart, and not be misled by…

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Opens the doors of insight, activating 3rd eye chakra. Helps transcend seemingly hopeless or difficult situations. Enhances all mental abilities: linguistic, mathematical, abstract, and emotional intelligence. Activates latent psychic abilities,…

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Calm, center, balance. Auric field finds homeostasis, filling gaps, retracts overextensions, dispels negativity, and goes to optimal form. Acts as reset button for emotions. Softens anger and fear, and reins…

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Awakens loving compassion and heals emotional pain. Stimulates forgiveness. Activates one’s higher purpose. Opens inner eye to see karmic past-life patterns, releasing our attachment and moving forward with new energy.…

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Diamond, Herkimer

Energizes, enlivens, promotes creativity.Stimulates psychic abilities, spiritual vision, telepathy, & dream recall.Can be used to recognize past-life information, injuries, and dis-ease to identify blockages and resistance to spiritual growth.Facilitates gentle…

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Carries very pure vibration and works on heart energy. Activates intellect and higher consciousness. Filled with cosmic light, connects to angelic realm. Link to serenity and eternal wisdom. Tool for…

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