Crystals and their Geological and Metaphysical Healing Properties listed in the Crystal Healing Encyclopedia, within the G to J alpha split.


Protective, grounding, purifying, draws off negative vibrations, cleanses other stones, alleviates grief. Relief from headaches/migraines. Helps victims of negative energy understand their original purpose, and the lesson to be learned.…

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Jasper, Unakite

Resonates w frequency of love, compassion, kindness. Balances the emotional body. Strong, harmonious relationships. Gently Release deep-seated emotions, promotes patience, persistence, & eliminates bad habits. Supports those who feel lost,…

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Jasper, Red

Tranquility, wholeness, unifying. Shamanic journeys & dream recall. Clears EMFs and radiation. Determination & courage to assertively fix conflicts and see projects through. Prolongs sexual pleasure.

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Jasper, Picture

Unveils hidden messages from the past, connects you to sacred sites, & ancient civilizations. Promotes ecological responsibility. Brings hidden emotions to the surface for healing; alleviates fear. Encourages initiative; particularly…

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Jasper, Mookaite

Increases strength, vitality, will, confidence, self-worth, life force, & to realize one’s full potential. Connect & feel electromagnetic energy currents of Earth. Overcome procrastination by revealing true reasons for avoiding…

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Jasper, Kambaba

Jasper, Kambaba 5.36 oz Jasper, Kambaba 9.81 oz Stone of peace & tranquility facilitating connection to ancient Earth wisdom, manifestation, & abundance Reduces negative thought patterns, stress, & nightmares Increases…

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Jasper, Bumblebee

Positive outlook, zest for life, physical vitality, confidence in one’s actions. Removes energy blockages within sacral & solar plexus chakras. Manifest what is one’s highest good. Mental clarity, enhanced awareness,…

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Jade, Nephrite

Dream work, lucid dreaming, remembering dreams. Revitalizing, healing, calming. Health, confidence, good luck. Opens heart to allow abundance to flow naturally. Balances male & female energies. Helps w dysfunctional relationships.…

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Increases love and nurturing. Brings harmony, luck, friendship. Promotes self-sufficiency. Stimulates ideas and makes tasks seem less complex. Insightful dreams. Helps body’s filtration system & kidneys.

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Surrounds you and your aura like a cloak of protection and invisibility when one feels overburdened or worn out, and when rest and quiet are needed. Very useful for delicate…

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Extremely calming stone. Antidote for insomnia, especially when caused by overactive mind. Attunes mind to spiritual dimensions, allowing reception of wisdom and insights. Assists journey out of body and accessing…

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Connect to Atlantis, Lemuria, or Egypt. Learn about & heal situations from your past lives; stop re-living these situations. Encourages spiritual awakening. Compassion & forgiveness. Release anger, fear, jealousy, and…

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One of the best stones for awakening and charging the upper chakras of the body and fully connecting conscious awareness to the higher dimensions. Very elevating, but smooth and soft.…

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Harmonizes the body, mind, and spirit. Useful for protection and grounding during out-of-body traveling. Dissolves negativity, blocking these from entering aura. Beneficial for legal situations. Supports timid women, boosts self-esteem…

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Teaches one the importance between needs & wants. Increases energy flow in all direction. Teaches one there is more to life than what exists on Earth itself, allowing connection to…

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Garnet, Red

Warns of approaching danger. Regenerates body & increases vitamin and mineral assimilation. Detoxifying. A crisis becomes a challenge to overcome rather than a problem. Sharpens perceptions of self and others.…

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Transformative for spiritual journeys. Past life recall stone & soul-retrieval. Strength, courage, & ability to face difficult times or overcome addictions. Recover personal power. Counters ill effects of radiation, EMF…

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