Crystals listed within the alpha split U to Z.


Clears emotional blockages. Harmonizes emotions and allows one to get in touch with true feelings. Grounding stone. Used for astral travel and communication with higher beings. Heals the reproductive system.

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Assists in making deeper decisions that impact one’s quality of life, such as love and career path. Works at your root level to help journey within and discover your uniqueness.…

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Purification, preparation, honesty, truth, insight, divine messages. Recognize & clear what isn’t needed, & understand why/how it happened. Take responsibility for who we are and who we will become. Represents…

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Top stone for getting work done. Energizes lower 3 chakras, giving one added endurance, persistence, power, and will to finish a project. Stimulates mind centers & links them to lower…

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Aids manifestation and is a powerful stone to stimulate the growth of abundance. Increases self-confidence. Embrace all life has to offer. Helps heal and release emotional wounds. Attracts what one…

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Opens inner eye to “far seeing” into past, probable future, or distance. Opens interdimensional gates – may see & interact with beings from higher planes and extraterrestrials. Activates latent intuitive…

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