• Draws off negative energies and overcomes phobias.
  • Calm acceptance of changes & brings great inner strength.
  • Beneficial for relationships that have become rocky.
  • At solar plexus chakra, reverses destructive emotional programming.
  • At heart, heals heartache & increases capacity to love.
  • At throat, improves communication and helps you discern when to keep silent.
  • At third eye, opens psychic vision.
  • Encourages self-awareness and inner balance.
  • Imparts confidence, sensitivity, personal power, creativity.
  • Promotes truth and impartiality.
  • Treats arthritis, bone disease, muscle spasms, digestive tract, ulcers, blood disorders, lungs.
  • Detoxifies liver, kidneys, intestines.

Michelle Ferris

Owner, curator, and buyer for Crystallography Gems. The brick and mortar shop is relatively new, and has been around since 2021 in Seattle's Georgetown neighborhood. Our presence as a business and as a rock and gem show has been longstanding, since 2013.Our shop offers crystals, minerals, gems, rocks, jewelry, and metaphysical tools. We work hard to inform our customers, giving them the education they need to be confident, intuitive, and wise collectors of crystals and minerals.