Heat Treated Citrine with Hematite Inclusions


Radiating a beautiful, marigold yellow that warms your entire home, this HTA Citrine cluster* contains incredible, bright red sprays of Hematite that sparkle like glitter in the sun. Use Citrine to bring warmth, the power of the sun, abundance, and manifestation into your home. When you choose to work with Citrine, you are choosing empowerment, direction, and your own self-worth. Citrine lends you courage allowing you to begin manifesting what you truly want out of life. With the added inclusions of Hematite, this sparkling Citrine cluster will keep you grounded while bringing boldness to your decisions.
*“HTA Citrine” is amethyst which has gone through a heat treating process.

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– Associated with the Solar Plexus Chakra, zodiac sign of Leo & vibrates to the number 6.
– Premier stone of manifestation & personal will. Meditation or intention setting with this stone will enhance one’s manifestation abilities tenfold.
– Carries the power of the sun – is energizing and life-giving.
– Clears the mind of distraction, allowing one to see more clearly their path of action, to achieve goals.
– Creative & imaginative, it transforms dreams into tangible forms.
– Gives energy and enthusiasm to life.
– Transmutes, dissipates, and grounds negative energy. Never needs to be cleaned or cleared.
– Encourages fullness of life, fresh beginnings, and new pursuits.
– Physically beneficial to calm anxiety and help one lose weight by boosting metabolism and energy levels.
Learn more about the geological and metaphysical properties of Citrine.

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Solar Plexus

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Heat Treated Citrine with Hematite Inclusions


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