Raw Amazonite crystal
Raw Amazonite crystal


pronounce – Amazonite – “amuh-zuh-nahyt”

A soothing and loving crystal, Amazonite grants perspective by powerfully filtering information through intuition. This stone shows beautifully different shades of blue and green depending on whether it’s raw or tumbled. Read on to learn more about Amazonite!


Amazonite filters geopathic stress, electromagnetic fields (EMFs), and electromagnetic pollution. It also screens incoming information through the user’s intuition in order to better discern the truth.

This crystal promotes a harmonious balance between the physical and etheric bodies as well as masculine and feminine energies. This balance creates the perspective needed to see multiple sides of complex situations.

In keeping with its balancing nature, Amazonite calms the nerves and soothes irritating or negative energies. This stone likewise mitigates anxiety caused by conflicting personality traits or combative inner dialogues.

Amazonite enhances communication in love and promotes the capacity for giving and receiving universal love. It links the heart and throat chakras so that one can speak their truth with ease and comfort.

This crystal is also useful for intention setting by strengthening any manifestation you speak into it.


Amazonite lends aid to issues within the nervous system and stimulates the metabolic system. It helps further by comforting muscle spasms and balancing calcium levels in the body, making it a good stone for combatting symptoms of tooth decay and osteoporosis.

Amazonite also supports those suffering from sexual disorders, such as impotence, vaginitis, and sexual addiction. This stone is even said to support the birthing process.


HEALING PROPERTIESAnxiety, Love, Balance, Calming, Communication
CHAKRASHeart, Throat
NUMBERS1, 4, 5
TAROTThe Fool, The Emperor, The Hierophant
ELEMENTSEarth, Water
DEITIESTiamut, Estsanatlehi, Wohpe, Sophia, Belus
PAIRINGSMorganite, Smokey Quartz, Pyrite


Amazonite was first reported as a discovery in 1847, but its use actually begins much earlier. The stone is thought to have been used in ancient Egypt, India, and Mesopotamia. In fact, a scarab ring made of Amazonite was found in King Tutankhamun’s tomb. Other ancient civilizations used the mineral for armor and writing slabs due to its massive form. Certain chapters from the Egyptian Book of the Dead were even inscribed on tablets made from the stone.

The Amazonians, a semi-mythical tribe of warrior women hailing from the Amazon river, supposedly inlaid the crystal within their shields. According to legend, they could heal wounds by rubbing a piece of polished Amazonite over the affected area. Other legends state that the Amazonians gave green stones to men that visited their tribe.


Hold a piece of Amazonite in your hands and speak your intentions into it. Carry the piece with you to help manifest those intentions.

You can also meditate with Amazonite to get in touch with your intuition and to attune to the spiritual plane. While meditating, lie down and place a piece on your throat or heart chakra depending on which needs work. Target the throat chakra specifically to alleviate anxiety or fear.

To take advantage of this crystal’s ability to attract luck, make a spell jar or a pouch using Amazonite, basil, and rosemary. Put the pouch or jar where you need a little more good fortune, such as inside your car or with your wallet.

On the Body: Wear it as a shorter necklace to activate your throat chakra or a longer necklace that lays on your chest to activate the heart chakra. You can also protect yourself from electromagnetic fields by carrying it or taping a piece to the back of your cell phone.

Inside: In the art of feng shui, the water element is generally associated with the north, specifically the career and life path area of a room. To create a flowing path to reach your goals, channel Amazonite’s watery energy by placing it in a northern corner of your home or office. Put a piece next to your computer to protect you from electromagnetic pollution.

Outside: Leave a piece by an entryway to ward against destabilizing or anxious energy following you inside.


Physical Cleaning: Clean Amazonite with canned air to remove dust and debris.

Energetic Cleansing: There are numerous ways to energetically cleanse Amazonite.

  • Set on or next to Selenite or Satin Spar, or set in lavender.
  • Use smoke from herb bundles or incense.
  • Charge under the full moonlight.


“Use with caution, the color is a result of traces of copper, which is toxic.” (Jentoft)
“Toxic or harmful stone. Contains copper.” (Harton)
“Do not use…for internal use.  Contains copper.” (Sullivan)
“Its intense color is caused by the presence of lead.” (Kennedy 198)
“Contains copper.” (Hibiscus)
“Trace amounts of copper which are toxic.” (Healing Crystals)

For more information and citations regarding toxic, poisonous, and otherwise dangerous crystals, visit our Toxic Crystals page!


Amazonite contains copper which renders it unsafe for use in gem elixirs made with the direct method. Only use the indirect method for creating a gem elixir with this stone.


Common Names: Amazon Stone (derives from the idea that Amazonite may have come from the Amazon river)
Trade Names
: Amazon Jade
Trademarked Names
: N/A
Common Misspellings: Amazonit


A green tectosilicate mineral typically found in granite, Amazonite is a type of potassium feldspar called microcline. It is named after the Amazon river, where greenish-blue rocks were found in antiquity, though it is unknown if they were in fact Amazonite. 

It was first described as a distinct mineral only in the 18th century. Green and greenish-blue varieties of potassium feldspars which are predominantly triclinic are designated as Amazonite. A 1985 study suggests the color comes from quantities of lead and water in the feldspar.  However other studies assert that the color comes from varying quantities of lead, rubidium, and thallium; this suggests that the coloring of Amazonite is due to a complex number of factors.

HABITBlocky – Crystal shape tends to be equant.
Crystalline – Coarse – Occurs as well-formed coarse-sized crystals.
Prismatic – Crystals Shaped like Slender Prisms.
COLORBluish green, Green, Gray, Grayish yellow, Yellowish.
DIAPHANEITYTranslucent to transparent
HARDNESS6-6.5 Mohs
CLEAVAGE{001} Perfect, {010} Good
FRACTUREUneven – Flat surfaces fractured in an uneven pattern.
SPECIFIC GRAVITY2.55-2.57 kg/cm3
OPTICAL PROPERTIESBiaxial (-), a=1.518, b=1.522, g=1.525


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