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Green Apophyllite raw crystal
Green Apophyllite raw crystal


pronunciation – Apophyllite – “uh-poff-ill-ight”

As a crystal that promotes deep introspection Apophyllite helps us to create and hold the space necessary for true self-acceptance. What additional meaning does Green Apophyllite hold? What changes when Apophyllite occurs with Stilbite? Read on to learn more about Apophyllite!


Apophyllite illuminates deep inner truths in order to facilitate the correction of imbalances and promote healthy introspection. This healing crystal effectively diminishes stress and calms negative thought patterns by bringing a hopeful, childlike joy into the emotional body. It also simultaneously enhances the user’s level of comfort within their physical body.

Apophyllite’s ability to induce introspection helps create the space needed to not only address flaws in the self but also to deeply recognize and accept one’s true nature. It reduces worldly desire and transmutes it into universal love while also attuning the user to their spiritual needs.

Apophyllite also excels at supporting meditative states and stimulating the third eye and crown chakras. It creates a conscious connection between the spiritual and physical bodies, supporting the transmission of information between the realms; this also makes it an excellent stone for scrying.


Apophyllite supports the respiratory system and is said to help with asthma attacks. This stone further promotes the regeneration of the skin and mucus membrane and brings ease to symptoms of allergies. It even assists in recovering from tissue and degenerative diseases.

Psychologically speaking, Apophyllite helps to erode fear and anxiety by helping the wearer to accept uncertainty. This property also combats emotional repression due to mental blockages. It lends further assistance by addressing symptoms of burnout and disappointment.

This crystal provides support for those planning major life changes such as changing careers, buying a home, having a child, or returning to school. It helps by promoting efficient organization at home or work and also by prioritizing the appropriate responsibilities and details.


HEALING PROPERTIESIntuition, Enlightenment, High Vibration, Growth, Knowledge
CHAKRASThird-Eye, Crown
NUMBERS5, 8, 13
TAROTThe Hierophant, Strength, Death
DEITIESVenus, Aphrodite, Selene, Artemis
PAIRINGSStilbite, Scolecite, Tektites, Selenite, Blue Aventurine, Black Tourmaline, Shungite, Hematite


It was the French mineralogist, René Just Hauy, who first coined the name Apophyllite in 1806. Apophyllite originates from the Greek words, “away from” (ἀπό, apo) and “leaf” (φύλλον, phyllo); these were chosen to describe the way this mineral loses moisture upon heating.

In 1978, the International Mineralogical Association clarified Apophyllite as a group of three minerals that share the same chemical properties, not a single stone. However, this classification remains a subject of debate among mineralogists to this day.

Apophyllite has been used since ancient times in various healing practices by Indians, Greeks, and Romans. This stone was considered to be miraculous and was used to heal many different ailments.


Apophyllite emits extremely high vibrational energies. As a result, those who are just starting to work with crystals should consider using this crystal in tandem with a grounding stone like Black Tourmaline or Shungite.

This stone helps to stimulate and enhance intuitive vision, connect the user with the vibrations of higher realms and spiritual beings, and create a conscious connection between the physical and spiritual realms.

On the Body: Carry in a pocket or pouch. Place on the third eye to help induce a powerful meditative state and enhance practices such as Reiki.

Inside: Place in a home office to bring mental clarity, increased focus, and improved memory.

Outside: Apophyllite is sensitive to high temperatures and care should be taken when left outdoors.


Physical Cleaning: Clean Apophyllite with canned air to remove dust and debris. Apophyllite can also be cleaned with a mild soap or detergent and rinsed, or it can be wiped down with a damp cloth.

Energetic Cleansing: There are numerous ways to energetically cleanse Apophyllite.

  • Set on or next to Selenite or Satin Spar, or set in lavender.
  • Use smoke from herb bundles or incense.
  • Cleanse using the water method by running it under cool water with your fingers pointed toward the drain of the sink. Do this for about 30 seconds. Dry gently with a towel, and set out to dry completely.
  • Charge under the full moonlight.


Apophyllite contains no known allergens or toxins; however, the possibility of harmful mineral inclusions or radiation remains, depending on the locale.

For more information and citations regarding toxic, poisonous, and otherwise dangerous crystals, visit our Toxic Crystals page!


Apophyllite is generally thought to be safe for use in gem elixirs made with the direct method. It is a hard mineral and does not contain any toxins directly. However, as with all stones, the possibility remains of harmful mineral inclusions. To be completely safe, using the indirect method is best.


Common Names: Apophyllite
Trade Names:
Fisheye Stone
Trademarked Names
: N/A


Apophyllite is a potassium-calcium fluoride-silicate mineral that is related structurally to the Zeolite family of aluminosilicates. Like the Zeolites, it has high water content; however, Apophyllite has no aluminum in its chemical composition. In many ways, it is similar to Mica.

This crystal is most often found with Stilbite and typically comes in glassy crystals ranging from white to gray. However, green specimens have also recently been found in India and Canada.

SHAPEDitetragonal Dipyramidal
HABITCrystalline – Coarse – Occurs as well-formed coarse-sized crystals.
Massive – Uniformly indistinguishable crystals forming large masses.
Pseudo Cubic – Crystals show a cubic outline.
COLORWhite, Pink, Green, Yellow, Violet
LUSTERVitreous – Pearly
DIAPHANEITY Transparent to translucent
HARDNESS4.5-5 Mohs
CLEAVAGE{001} Perfect
SPECIFIC GRAVITY2.30-2.50 kg/cm3
OPTICAL PROPERTIESUniaxial (+), w=1.535, e=1.537


Green Apophyllite raw crystal
Green Apophyllite raw crystal

Green Apophyllite

Green Apophyllite activates the heart chakra in order to grant a greater level of decisiveness and confidence in heart-centered matters. This gemstone aids in the absorption of universal energy and helps with releasing hypnotic commands and other such imperatives from both past and present lives.

Clear Apophyllite cluster on Stilbite matrix
Clear Apophyllite cluster on Stilbite matrix

Apophyllite with Stilbite

Stilbite serves as an amplifier when joined with other crystals, Apophyllite included, allowing it to help draw out their purest vibrations. It can also serve to kickstart psychic development by opening the subconscious up to the existence of higher realms.


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