Atlantisite tumbled crystals from Australia
Atlantisite tumbled crystals from Australia


pronunciation – Atlantisite – “at-lan-tis-ight”

Crystal healing with Atlantisite creates balance, grounds us in the present moment, and reveals our spiritual nature. This stone combines Serpentine and Stichtite to bring forth the best qualities of each. Want to know how this crystal can shed light on your connection to the universe? Read on to learn more about Atlantisite!


Atlantisite combines the power of Serpentine and Stichtite to promote mental, emotional, and spiritual balance. This stone clears the chakras, thereby allowing Kundalini energy to flow freely through the body. Because of this, it also helps ground the user in the present moment making it excellent for use during meditation.

Atlantisite erodes the illusion of separation and opens the user to the knowledge of universal oneness. By clarifying one’s connection to all living things and universal processes, this crystal boosts mental and emotional function which encourages unity of heart and mind. As a result, it makes a powerful tool for revealing the user’s spiritual nature and creating space for self-love.

When buried near sites of death or destruction, Atlantisite even helps to heal the earth itself. It does so by clearing and restructuring the earth’s energy so that it can move towards supporting life anew, free from the scars of the past.


In physical terms, this crystal brings comfort with regard to skin issues, loose skin from major weight loss, liver spots, wrinkles, and other signs of aging. Atlantisite also aids in weight control and weight loss by curbing impulses towards emotional eating. It reveals positive coping mechanisms that can lead to healthier and happier choices.

Furthermore, Atlantisite supports those who suffer from body dysmorphia by helping to create connection and acceptance of the physical self. It merges the physical and etheric bodies, thereby encouraging self-love and acceptance of one’s physical characteristics.

Atlantisite can additionally ease the treatment of a host of other ailments including blood disorders, hernias, menstrual pain, diabetes, and muscle spasms. It improves circulatory and respiratory systems by easing blood flow and assisting in nutrient absorption. This stone may even improve cell growth and repair to help mitigate chronic illnesses.


HEALING PROPERTIESRelationships, Love, Expansion, Inner Vision, Grounding
CHAKRASAll Chakras
TAROTThe Fool, The Emperor
DEITIESCerridwen, Kukulkan, Quetzalcóatl 
PAIRINGSPhenacite, Aventurine, Magnetite, Bloodstone, Ruby in Fuchsite


Atlantisite was discovered fairly recently in Zeehan, Tasmania, on what is now referred to as Stichtite Hill. This mineral only became widely known in 1910 and may be referred to as Tasmanite after its country of origin. Although it can be found in other places globally, Atlantisite is currently only mined commercially in Australia.

Atlantisite is on the rarer side of gems and is one of the most powerful forms of Serpentine, next to Infinite. This stone possesses a captivating appearance and ranges in color from very pale green to dark ivy green with purple spots of Stichtite throughout.


Atlantisite connects the user to ancient wisdom, making it a powerful meditation tool. Experienced practitioners often use it alongside Phenacite as an extremely high vibrational duo that clears one’s physical and etheric bodies and induces a deep state of introspection.

On the Body: Carry in a pocket or pouch or wear as jewelry if you need a reminder to remain open and accepting of yourself and others. Place on the forehead and heart during meditation to connect and balance the heart and mind.

Inside: Keep in a space where you get ready for the day to enhance love and compassion for the self and for the body.

Outside: As a softer mineral, Atlantisite should not be left outside or exposed to the elements.


Physical Cleaning: Clean Atlantisite with canned air to remove dust and debris.

Energetic Cleansing: There are numerous ways to energetically cleanse Atlantisite.

  • Set on or next to Selenite or Satin Spar, or set in lavender.
  • Use smoke from herb bundles or incense.
  • Charge under the full moonlight.


Atlantisite is a combination of Serpentine and Stichtite and is considered a toxic stone as Serpentine contains asbestos.

“Fibrous form contains asbestos.” (Hibiscus)
“Fibrous forms are asbestos. Wash hands after use. Not recommended in elixir preparation.” (Healing Crystals)

For more information and citations regarding toxic, poisonous, and otherwise dangerous crystals, visit our Toxic Crystals page!


Atlantisite contains asbestos which renders it unsafe for use in gem elixirs made with the direct method. Only use the indirect method for creating a gem elixir with this stone.


Common Names: Stichtite in Serpentine
Trade Names: Tasmanite, Atlantisite
Trademarked Names: N/A


Atlantisite is a trade name for a variety of Serpentinite which consists of Serpentine group minerals combined with purple Stichtite. Atlantisite is a complex combination of minerals and the correspondence below will account for all information available for this crystal.

CHEMICAL FORMULAD3[Si2O5](OH)4 – (Serpintinite)
Mg3(Si2O5)(OH)4 – (Lizardite & Chrysotile)
Mg2.25Fe2+0.75(Si2O5)(OH)4 – (Antigorite)
Mg6Cr2(OH)16(CO3)•4(H2O) – (Stichtite)
SHAPEPinacoidal – (Lizardite)
Prismatic – (Chrysotile)
Domatic – (Antigorite)
Hexagonal Scaleohedral – (Stichtite)
CRYSTAL SYSTEMTriclinic – (Lizardite)
Monoclinic – (Chrysotile)
Monoclinic – (Antigorite)
Trigonal – (Stichtite)
HABITN/A – (Lizardite)
Acicular – (Chrysotile)
Massive, Platy, Scaly – (Antigorite)
Encrustations, Micaceous, Nodular – (Stichtite)
COLORGreen, Greenish blue, Yellow, White. – (Lizardite)
Green. – (Chrysotile)
Green, Gray, Bluish gray, Brown, Black. – (Antigorite)
Lilac, Light violet, Pink. – (Stichtite)
STREAKWhite – (Lizardite & Chrysotile)
Greenish white – (Antigorite)
Pale violet blue – (Stichtite)
LUSTERGreasy/Dull – (Lizardite)
Silky – (Chrysotile)
Vitreous/Greasy – (Antigorite)
Vitreous/Glassy – (Stichtite)
DIAPHANEITY Translucent – (Lizardite & Chrysotile)
Translucent to Subopaque – (Antigorite)
Transparent to translucent – (Stichtite)
HARDNESS1.25 – 4 Mohs (Complex combination of minerals)
CLEAVAGE{001} Perfect – (Lizardite)
N/A – (Chrysotile)
{001} Good – (Antigorite)
{0001} Perfect – (Stichtite)
FRACTUREN/A – (Lizardite)
N/A – (Chrysotile)
Brittle – (Antigorite)
Uneven – (Stichtite)
SPECIFIC GRAVITY2.58 kg/cm3 – (Lizardite)
2.60 kg/cm3 – (Chrysotile)
2.55 kg/cm3 – (Antigorite)
2.12 kg/cm3 – (Stichtite)
REFRACTIVE INDEX1.516-1.542 – (Complex combination of minerals)
OPTICAL PROPERTIESBiaxial (-), a=1.541-1.5625, b=1.565, g=1.553-1.568 – (Lizardite)
Biaxial (?), a=1.569, g=1.57 – (Chrysotile)
Biaxial (-), a=1.555-1.567, b=1.56-1.573, g=1.56-1.573 – (Antigorite)
Uniaxial (+), w=1.516, e=1.542 – (Stichtite)


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