An uncommon calcite variety that contains cobalt in varying amounts, which determines how pink it is. Most commonly found as a druzy over matrix in Zaire, Morocco & Italy, While Spain has gemstone quality. Cobalt has over 800 known varieties, and without impurities, it is clear to white, & displays birefringence (optical doubling) when light is shined through it.

– Associated with the heart chakra, zodiac signs of Libra & Cancer, & vibrates to the number 4.

– A stone of love & forgiveness, helping one to soothe intense feelings & facilitates the love of self
– A great stone for those who support & carry pain for others. A healer’s stone.
– Heals toxic emotional & relationship based trauma & blockages.
– Instills a feeling of deep calm and reassurance when worn on the body.
– Promotes healthy cellular development & may inhibit the degeneration of cellular structures by balancing RNA/DNA structures.