Known by the native Muisca tribes as, “Piedra Rayo” or Lightning Stone, Shaman’s are said to use it in ceremony to gain access to the Gods & God realm. Columbianite is pinkish/violet in color when held up to a light-source, making it unique among tektites. It is extremely rare, and highly collectible. Its true origin is unknown, with its chemistry different from any other tektite or obsidian, but most closely related to Saffordite, it leads some to believe that it was brought to Earth by beings from other planets. Pseudo Tektites are thought to be formed by ancient volcanic blasts that flung the liquid magma into the atmosphere, where it cooled and then fell back down to earth. These are different from tektites, in that they are volcanic in origen, while tektites are from meteorite impacts. Pseudo tektites don’t have the same strewn pattern as tektites and are found in a larger area.

– Associated with all chakras, zodiac signs of Libra & Scorpio & vibrates to the number 1.

– Extremely powerful stone to connect to the higher realms, while keeping one grounded on Earth.
– Works well with Lemurian Quartz, to help download the knowledge they contain.
– Extremely fast spiritual evolution. This may be slightly uncomfortable, but for those who are ready, it’s a fast track to one’s highest potential.
– Connects to the ascended master Comte de Saint Germain, the Violet Flame & leader of the Aquarian Age.
– Aids in healing from mental abuse, neglect, trauma & mental health issues. Allows one to see the truth behind the veil & become comfortable in knowing their truth.