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Rainbow Fluorite Slab



Do you need a boost of positive energy? Feel like you can’t get focused? Look no further than this Rainbow Fluorite Slab!

Rainbow Fluorite assists with mental clarity, organization, banishing negative energy, and concentration. Place it anywhere that needs some cleansing and focused energy, such as an office or common room. Add a protective layer on top to use it as a colorful plate for displaying other crystals.

If you want to make the variety of colors pop, light up the slab with a bright LED backlight or other indirect light.

Though this Rainbow Fluorite Slab sparkles in the sun, it will cause the vibrant colors to fade, so make sure to keep it away from direct sunlight.

With its beautiful array of colors and patterns, this statement Rainbow Fluorite crystal is sure to impress!

For more information about Rainbow Fluorite and its properties, check out our Crystal Encyclopedia!

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Weight894 g





All Chakras


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