Skeeter Welhouse is a Traditionalists & Surrealist Jack of Many Trades in the Spiritual and Paranormal World. 

Skeeter Welhouse, of Phoenix Moon Life Change Center

Her gifts include a strong and fluid assortment of ClaireSensory talents. Her primary senses are “Knowing” and “Feeling.” As such, her healing work often includes reading tarot cards, reading “the Web,” working to allow the needed guidance for her clientele. Skeeter doesn’t call herself a “light worker.” Her specialty is in calling in spirits and chaos magic. She enjoys playing with shadow energies for the benefit of all involved.

For the First time in Over 2 Years, She is coming back into doing readings for the public. Skeeter is making her first public appearances as a teacher and reader at Crystallography Gems.

Skeeter’s Background

Skeeter has worked professionally in the Seattle/Tacoma area for nearly 5 years.

Both Two Mediums & a Large and Oracles with James Tyson podcast feature Skeeter. Even the documentary “BigFoot Girl” references her. We are excited for her upcoming book release, about extraterrestrial experiences and guidance. She is currently at University of Washington – Tacoma, finishing a Psychology Degree. It will allow her to better assist her paranormal and other clients as a Life Coach and Medium. 

Contact Skeeter

To contact Skeeter Welhouse with questions, for more information, or to book a session, please reach out via email.


Skeeter Welhouse
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