Tarot Readings by Veronica

Veronica VanZeipel of Tarot by Veronica is a tarot reader, author, and tarot spread creator. She is the creator and host of the annual Weigh Anchor Tarot Challenge ; a month of guided tarot exercises hosted on Instagram. Additionally, she’s in the process of publishing a book. The Weigh Anchor Tarot Spread contains 78 unique tarot spreads to help deepen one’s understanding of tarot.

tarot readings offered by Tarot by Veronica
Veronica VanZeipel, of Tarot by Veronica

Veronica believes in the power of tarot readings as a form of consistent and productive self-care. It gives us the ability to reflect on our lives, and to look at the information given with objective eyes. This allows for deepened perspectives.

Tarot, for Veronica, is approached as an opportunity for goal-setting, problem solving, and mindset coaching. As such, she believes in the healing that comes by blending the spiritual with the psychological. She is a featured healer / reader at Crystallography Gems. Veronica will be offering classes and is available for private sessions.

Veronica’s Background

Before transitioning into spiritual work, Veronica spent five years as an elementary school teacher. She has a Masters in Digital Education, and has put that to use as a tarot educator. After her time as a teacher, she spent nine months on a solo backpacking trip around the world. The most important lesson from her travel abroad was learning to prioritize herself. Prioritizing happiness, healthy routines, and mindset changed everything for Veronica. She participated in a meditation retreat in Thailand where she studied Buddhism, meditation, and yoga. This helped to broaden her understanding of the importance of spirituality in the pursuit of a grounded and abundant life.

Contact Tarot by Veronica

Veronica offers private tarot readings both in-person and online. If you would like to work with her, or have questions about tarot or her services, you can find Veronica at:

Website: tarotbyveronica.com
Instagram: @tarotbyveronica
Email: veronica@tarotbyveronica.com

Class Materials from Tarot by Veronica

An Introduction to Tarot (pdf)

Tarot Spread Creation (pdf)