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    Jet Palms


    Jet is a black extremely light stone which is closely related to petrified wood or petrified coal. Associated with the root chakra, zodiac sign of Capricorn and vibrating to the number 8, Jet is a protective, purifying and grounding stone. It draws off negative vibrations, cleanses other stones and is very calming for a grounding stone. Jet can be used to calm anxiety, nervousness and hyperactivity. It also brings luck and clarity in confusing situations.


    – Associated with the root chakra, zodiac signs of Capricorn & vibrates to the number 8.
    – Protective, grounding, purifying, draws off negative vibrations, cleanses other stones.
    – Extremely calming energy for a grounding stone.
    – Helps victims of negative energy projection understand the lesson to be learned while protecting from further harm.
    – Calms anxiety, nervousness and hyperactivity.
    – Brings luck & clarity in confusing situations.
    – Aids those who are grieving.
    – Relief from headaches/migraines.

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