Libyan Desert Glass


Are you ready to take your manifestation practices to the next level? Libyan Desert Glass might just be the crystal for you! This stone is what’s known as an impactite, meaning it was formed during a meteorite impact. The collision transformed the nearby earth materials (in this case likely desert glass) through intense heat and pressure. Libyan Desert Glass is generally only found in one region near the border of Egypt and Libya.
Often considered to be a more gentle and feminine counterpart to Moldavite, Libyan Desert Glass possesses similar properties of clearing away anything that you’ve outgrown to make room for what’s truly meant for you. It aids those who feel disconnected from the Earth to ease back into their material existence and exercise their willpower. This stone can even serve to replenish your life force when it becomes diminished.
If you’re seeking to clear away obstacles in service of your highest path, Libyan Desert Glass is an excellent choice. Its softer yet still potent energy makes it a perfect alternative to Moldavite for those who find the latter too intense. Try working with this amazing stone today and find out how it can change your life!

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