Lapis Lazuli

  • Stone of ancient knowledge and wisdom.
  • Encourages inner self knowledge, self-acceptance, encourages self-awareness, and will show you inner truth.
  • Honesty, compassion, morality, and balance.
  • Encourages creativity, opening one up to self-expression, stimulating objectivity, clarity, and self-realization.
  • When used at throat chakra, helps one speak inner truth. – – Balances thyroids while strengthening neck & vocal cords.
  • Promotes clear understanding through intuition.
  • At 3rd eye chakra, opens ability for psychic attunement.
  • Guards against psychic attacks.
  • Powerful thought amplifier & helpful in aligning all elements of body and mind, guiding you in the direction of mental and spiritual purity.
  • Beneficial to the respiratory system, especially the throat and lungs.
  • Used for detoxing and cleansing the organs and the nervous system, for blood purification, and for boosting immunity.
  • Relieves stress and anxiety, as well as related symptoms of restlessness, insomnia, nervousness and depression.
  • Best kept on the person, but not worn directly on skin (set into a jewelry setting that is raised off skin, or wrapped in wire).


Michelle Ferris

Michelle Ferris is the owner, curator, and buyer for Crystal Lounge by Crystallography Gems. Born & raised in Seattle by first-generation parents, she has worked to create authentic, connective, and inclusive events for the better portion of her professional life. Since 2013, Michelle worked to create community-activated Rock, Gem, Art, & Music shows, at which Crystallography Gems was a cornerstone. At the start of the pandemic, moved her operation online, and opened a shop in Georgetown, expanding into a larger showroom in 2022. In November 2023, she moved her shop to downtown Seattle, rebranding it as Crystal Lounge by Crystallography Gems. Her shop offers crystals, minerals, gems, rocks, jewelry, and metaphysical tools, and focuses on getting her customers the tools they need, and the education needed for them to make informed, confident decisions about their purchases.