Libyan Desert Glass



Eastern Libya & Western Egypt

Libyan desert glass is an impactite from an ancient meteorite entering the atmosphere. Many scientists believe this occurrence may have been caused by a 100 ton aerial burst, a meteorite exploding in the atmosphere with the force of a nuclear bomb. It is unique among tektites for its color, a pale yellow to gold colored & was highly prized by the Ancient Egyptians, though it was “officially” discovered in 1932. King Tut was famously entombed with a breastplate that featured a Libyan desert glass scarab as the centerpiece. Much of Libyan Desert Glass is from Egypt, but transported across the desert to be sold out of Libya, due to Egypts laws against exporting any and all artifacts from the country. Some consider this to be the feminine counterpart to Moldavite. 

– Associated with the solar plexus chakra, the zodiac sign of Gemini & vibrates to the number 8.

– Effective for those who don’t feel fully connected to Earth.

– Manifests your will on earth.

– Cuts away all that is outworn and outgrown. Useful for etheric surgery, freeing you from your past & reconnecting you to your spiritual roots.

– Restores depleted life-force energy.

– Helpful in calming IBS & other stomach maladies. Aids in digestion. Stimulates the thymus & fortifies the immune system.


Michelle Ferris

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