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With its hypnotizing swirls of light and dark green, Malachite invites you to operate more independently and authentically, and bring positive change into your life. This heart chakra stone is especially helpful if you’re healing from a recent heartbreak, or still learning to grow past codependent behaviors and patterns in your relationships. Unblock your spiritual growth with this naturally created work of art. Utilize this heart-healing energy by carrying it with you, or place a polished Malachite specimen in your living room to promote protection and positive energy in social spaces. Malachite is also known to be a supportive stone for women, and brings good luck to travelers.


– Associated with the heart chakra, zodiac signs of Scorpio & Capricorn & vibrates to the number 9.
– Makes one invisible to negative energy projections from others & to negative entities.
– Brings to the forefront what is blocking our spiritual growth.
– Vibrates with unconditional love.
– Teaches how to take responsibility for our actions.
– Encourages risk-taking and change.
– Helps one balance their emotions to create harmony.
– Beneficial for healing from sexual assault and relationship abuse.
Learn more about the geological and metaphysical properties of Malachite.

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