There are “patterns” in the different types of meteors. In the Gibeon Meteorite, there is a gorgeous crystalline patterns known as Widmanstatten patterns, and are unique to meteorites. These patterns tell a scientist how long it took for the molten meteorite to cool. It takes about 1,000 years for these molten pieces of planetary core to cool by just 1 degree Celsius!

Treats anemia, incoherence, and melancholia.

Strengthens blood and tissues.

Assists understanding of body so that it aligns with spirit.

Offers strength and hope in the face of a long struggle or physical ailment.

Helps destress and neutralize trauma.

Helps us overcome old wounds and shed outdated attitudes and programs.

Assist channeling new ideas, fostering intuition with ease.

Useful in times of great stress and change to help redesign one’s life in a healthy manner.

Appreciation for Earth and all living beings.