Green Moonstone Heart


Green Moonstone, also reffered to as Garnierite, is actually closer related to Labradorite than to Moonstone. The name is a slight misnomer as most Moonstones are used for gems and jewelry. Green Moonstone gets it’s green color from Garnierite inclusions, Garnierite is a nickle ore. Green Moonstone that has more gray/brown coloring to it might allow the white sections of the stone to glow under UV light due to the contrast in color. Associated with the Heart Chakra, the zodiac signs of Virgo and Gemini and vibrates to the numbers 8, 7 and 1, Green Moonstone is the stone of “Nurturing the Nurturer”. It replenishes you after a prolonged deep service or intensive healing work and resets boundaries for those who have not yet estabolished appropriate “giving and receiving” so that you do not give until you are drained. This stone refills and recalibrates Heart Energy to return to personal balance. Unleash Magnificence from within yourself with Green Moonstone.

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