Smoke Cleansing Bundle (3 blend)


Our Smoke Cleansing Bundle is composed of ethically sourced blue sage, cedar and sweet grass. These magical herbs are often used to cleanse people, places and things of negative energies and entities making this blend the perfect negative energy banishing bundle. To use, Light the end of the bundle for a few seconds or until you see a flame. Then, blow out the flame and increase the smoke by blowing on the bundle or waving the bundle through the air. Surround yourself, others or a space with the smoke to cleanse and/or clear the energies in your space.

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– Ethically sourced Blue Sage, Cedar and Sweetgrass.
-When burned, gives off a delicately sweet woodsy aroma with a hint of musk.
-Blue Sage, also referred to as Grandmother Sage, is typically found in North America and has been used as a medicinal, cleansing, strengthening and protective herb.
– Cedar has been utilized in a myriad of different cultures, the Sumerians used cedar in ceremonies and believed that groves of cedar trees were sacred to the Gods.
-Sweetgrass gives off a pleasant sweet smell and has been used by Native Americans for it’s purifying properties for years. Sweetgrass can be found in Iceland, Greenland, Northern Eurasia, Canada and the US.
-Light the end of bundle for a few seconds or until you see small flame.
-Blow out flame and increase smoke by blowing on bundle or waving it through air.
-Surround yourself, others or a space with the smoke.
-Use with intention to cleanse, purify.

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