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  • Egyptians believed that the Pyramid represented the primordial mound from which Earth was created.
  • The pyramid may also represent the descending rays of the sun.
  • The primary use for the great pyramids was spiritual initiation. The pyramids were chosen because they symbolized man’s inner quest. The initiates would enter the pyramid and seek to connect w/ the Divine within.
  • Pyramids harness higher level, vibrational energies.
  • An excellent addition to any type of grid work. Using crystal or mineral pyramids in a grid will gather and enhance the energies of the stones both in and around the grid.
  • Balances the electromagnetic field of the body, which can assist in cleansing & healing.
  • Thought to produce negative ions, which counteract the accumulation of too many positive ions, helping ease and/or eliminate conditions of stress, depression, tension and headaches.