• Stone of the viscera. Supports liver, gallbladder, spleen, pancreas, digestion, assimilation of food, maintenance of proper flora, and assists elimination of waste products.
  • Enhances accuracy of “gut feelings” about people and situations.
  • Eliminates bad habits, negative associations, and self-judgment based on stereotypical ideals about one’s body type or appearance.
  • Allows tolerance of a certain level of toxicity among friends without being detrimentally affected by it.
  • Aligns & blends love and will, so one cannot easily choose to be unloving.
  • Powerful for benevolent magic, but useless in manipulation of others.
  • Protects one from discordant energies in one’s environment.
  • Encourages tolerance but when limit is hit, it’s a swift severing of ties.
  • Useful in healing cancer of all types. – Prevents growth of negative thought patterns into malignant thought forms.
  • Helps body recover from exposure to radiation, toxic chemicals, & electromagnetic poisoning.