• Stone of the viscera. Supports liver, gallbladder, spleen, pancreas, digestion, assimilation of food, maintenance of proper flora, and assists elimination of waste products.
  • Enhances accuracy of “gut feelings” about people and situations.
  • Eliminates bad habits, negative associations, and self-judgment based on stereotypical ideals about one’s body type or appearance.
  • Allows tolerance of a certain level of toxicity among friends without being detrimentally affected by it.
  • Aligns & blends love and will, so one cannot easily choose to be unloving.
  • Powerful for benevolent magic, but useless in manipulation of others.
  • Protects one from discordant energies in one’s environment.
  • Encourages tolerance but when limit is hit, it’s a swift severing of ties.
  • Useful in healing cancer of all types. – Prevents growth of negative thought patterns into malignant thought forms.
  • Helps body recover from exposure to radiation, toxic chemicals, & electromagnetic poisoning.


Michelle Ferris

Owner, curator, and buyer for Crystallography Gems. The brick and mortar shop is relatively new, and has been around since 2021 in Seattle's Georgetown neighborhood. Our presence as a business and as a rock and gem show has been longstanding, since 2013.Our shop offers crystals, minerals, gems, rocks, jewelry, and metaphysical tools. We work hard to inform our customers, giving them the education they need to be confident, intuitive, and wise collectors of crystals and minerals.