Golden Healer Quartz Palm


Golden Healer Quartz invited golden light of Universal Life Force into the Crown Chakra and body for multi-level healing. It represents divine spirit, source and creation and is known as a master healer stone. Golden Healer Quartz aligns all chakras and balances yin-yang energies while increasing spiritual communications over long distances. This includes between dimensions and worlds and raises your vibration.

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– Invites golden light of Universal Life Force into crown chakra & body for multi-level healing.
– Represents Divine Spirit, Source, Creation. A Master Healer, Golden Healer is of the highest vibration.
– Raises your vibration, which facilitates spiritual communications over long distances, incl between worlds & dimensions.
– Aligns all chakras, & balances yin/yang energies, & enhances joy.
– Release old patterns and conditions, dissolving & releasing blockages & foreign energies.
– Helps access Christ Consciousness.
– Activates 3rd chakra, marrying our will with the divine will.
– Cleanses & balances organs, immune system, replenishes body on a cellular level, and brings body into balance, restoring it’s natural balance & harmony.

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Weight 121.9 g

Palm Stone


White, Yellow


All Chakras


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