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The Hazy Ethics of Smudging to Cleanse Negative Energy

One of the most effective and safest methods for clearing energy is by Smoke Cleansing. Learn how to smudge, how to make your own smoke cleansing bundle, and get some cultural context behind the word “smudging” and the negative impacts of using White Sage. […more]

Change Your Life with Gratitude Practices

Do you incorporate gratitude practices into your life? Do you already have an understanding of that means? We all generally know that it is important to express thanks – or at least to acknowledge the things we are grateful for in our lives. But without practice, gratitude can feel like an abstract concept, performative, or […more]

Get to Know Your Extrasensory Superpowers

Do you have extrasensory superpowers? Would you even realize it, if you did? We all experience the world differently. There is no way to know exactly how another person might perceive the world around them. What is the color “purple” to someone who is colorblind? Does Vanilla taste exactly the same to each individual? When […more]