• Good for the heart & relationships, especially for those who feel unloved.
  • Heals sexual abuse.
  • Attracts soul mate.
  • Helps to face the truth, lovingly.
  • Improves self-worth & creativity.
  • Assists in recovering, reliving, and releasing the memories of one’s emotional wounds.
  • Helps one rediscover the sacred practice of play, heals inner child.
  • Heals myelin sheath that covers nerves, and a great aide in caffeine / stimulant withdrawals.
  • Excellent anti-anxiety and anti-stress stone.

Michelle Ferris

Owner, curator, and buyer for Crystallography Gems. The brick and mortar shop is relatively new, and has been around since 2021 in Seattle's Georgetown neighborhood. Our presence as a business and as a rock and gem show has been longstanding, since 2013.Our shop offers crystals, minerals, gems, rocks, jewelry, and metaphysical tools. We work hard to inform our customers, giving them the education they need to be confident, intuitive, and wise collectors of crystals and minerals.