Apophyllite on Stilbite


This Apophyllite on Stilbite cluster is a fantastic display piece with crystal clusters wrapping around both sides of the matrix. Apophyllite is typically glassy gray to white, translucent crystals. Stilbite is found in the colors white, peach, pink, beige, orange, yellow, brown, gray, red and green. Peach stilbite can be found near or with apophyllite. Together, Apophyllite on Stilbite is associated with the Heart, Third Eye and Crown chakras, the zodiac signs of Libra, Gemini and Aries, and vibrates to the numbers 4, 6 and 33. Apophyllite is a great crystal for reiki, meditation, dream recall, clairvoyance, astral travel and past life work. While Stilbite is a great mineral for dream analysis, clearing one’s aura and energetic field, and compassionate vibrations. When combined, Apophyllite and Stilbite create the perfect dream stone. One may also use Apophyllite on Stilbite to open the heart chakra to increase a peaceful stillness or a nurturing, loving energy.

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Weight 3130 g



Pink, White


Crown, Heart, Third Eye


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