Sunstone Palms


Sunstone is an orange and white stone which can sometimes be found with different inclusions such as Iolite. Sunstone from India has Hematite inclusions and Sunstone from Oregon has Copper inclusions. Our Sunstone Palm Stones are from India. This stone posesses aventurescence, a glitter effect, and schiller which is reflective inclusions lying in a specific plane in the stone. Associated with the Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras, the zodiac sign of Libra and vibrates to the number 1, Sunstone harnesses the regenerative powers of the sun. It is joyful, light-inspiring, energizing, purifying, cleansing and brightening. This stone can also be used for good luck or fortune, to heighten intuition and confidence and to increase self worth. Sunstone removes codependency and is great for those who have a hard time saying “no”.


Sunstones are plagioclase feldspars with inclusions of different minerals that give them optical properties called aventurescence and schiller. Aventurescence is a glitter effect and Schiller is when reflective inclusions lay down along a specific plane in the stone, so that the aventurescence can be seen only from specific angles. Sunstone from India has inclusions of Hematite, while the sunstone from Oregon has inclusions of copper. Indian Sunstone is massive in form, and waxy to the touch. Sometimes it can be found with Iolite.
– Associated with the Sacral & Solar Plexus chakras, zodiac sign of Libra & vibrates to the number 1.
– Harnesses regenerative powers of the sun; joyful, light-inspiring, energizing, purifying, cleansing, brightening, good luck/fortune, heightens intuition, confidence, increases self-worth.
– Removes “hooks” from other people.
– Removes codependency, facilitates self-empowerment; great for those who have a hard time saying “no.”
– Relieves procrastination, depression, S.A.D., feelings of failure, & lifts out & transmutes heavy/repressed emotions.
– Stimulates self-healing, regulates autonomic nervous system, relieves cartilage problems & rheumatism.

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