Visit the Crystal Lounge, where you can find your crystals, minerals, and stones in a retreat adorned with wisteria flowers while unwinding with a locally crafted drink from our full menu.

Crystal Lounge by Crystallography Gems view of the lounge, wisteria, art, and some of the interior layout.

The vibrant yet cozy atmosphere offered at Crystal Lounge gives you more than just a shopping experience. Visit the Crystal Lounge to explore the transformative power of crystals, treat yourself to an energetic tune-up with our crystal singing bowls, or gain clarity through a session with one of our spiritual intuitives. Browse works by our featured artists as you peruse one of the most extensive and diverse crystal collections in the Pacific Northwest.

We welcome mineral enthusiasts of all kinds, from seasoned collectors to those just starting their journey into the world of crystals. While we stock a bit of everything and have all a beginner would need, our specialties lie in uncommon stones, rare and high-vibration crystals, and specimens from space.

Crystal Lounge Food & Drinks

We have a full menu available online. Join us for $1 off all drinks during Happy Hour (Daily from 2pm-5pm). Our Fresh Sheet is updated weekly, or as new beers, seltzers, non-alcoholic drinks, and snacks become available.

Though we offer alcohol to those of age, our space is still welcoming to little ones, as well! All ages are welcome at Crystal Lounge.

Crystal Lounge Diversity

We celebrate the unique and the unusual, including ourselves and our customers. We invite you to be your most authentic self when you visit the Crystal Lounge. 

Crystal Lounge is proudly Woman, Asian, LGBTQ-owned, and is committed to inclusivity and diversity. Our space is designed to be disability-friendly.  Learn more about how we create a safer space at Crystal Lounge.

We invite you to ask at the register about our in-store Equity Discounts available to LGBTQ folx, BIPOC & Indigenous people, Seniors, Veterans, Teachers with proper ID, and Local Employees (Downtown Seattle, Pike Place Market, & Belltown).

Is Your Store Child & Pet Friendly?

Yes! However, we do ask that you stay with kids and pets at all times while visiting as our store does stock toxic minerals. We do enforce a You Break It, You Buy It policy as well, so please make sure your little ones and furry friends are well-supervised and gentle with our delicate stones!

Crystal Lounge Location

Situated between the Space Needle, Waterfront, Downtown, and Belltown, and just a block from Pike Place Market.

Visit the Crystal Lounge by Crystallography Gems at:
2008 1st Ave
Seattle, WA 98121 

Follow us on social media @Crystal.Lounge.Seattle for the latest updates and events.