Fossilized tree resin, not tree sap. It is found in different varieties, colors and grades all over the world. The most common is Baltic Amber, found along the coast of a large part of the Baltic Sea. This variety is usually dark brown. Other varieties are honey yellow, green or even a UV reactive & rare blue amber. Depending on the country of origin, some amber is commonly included with flora and insects. Some amber is soft enough that it burns slowly, like incense, and has been used in ritual by many different societies. This soft amber also has an aromatic property, and when worn against the skin, will emit a pleasing fragrance. In history, Amber has been said to be petrified lynx urine, bird or goddess tears or solidified sunlight. Because natural amber is extremely light, it is easy to fake, made with different resins and dyes. However, vertebrates are almost never found encased in amber, so that’s a good sign the seller is lying. Through nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, scientists have found that amber comes from pine trees and legumes, produced by the trees as a defense against insects and pests, and creating unique chemical signatures throughout history.

Associated with the base and throat chakras, the zodiac signs of Leo, Sagittarius, Aquarius Gemini & Virgo & it vibrates to the numbers 5 (blue amber) & 7 (baltic amber).

– Connects the base chakras to the throat chakra, allowing one to speak their truth clearly from a place of security and trust in one’s emotions.
– Amber brings warmth, health, and well-being. Activates life force.
– Good for anyone recovering from illness or injury. Puts us in touch with our own strength and security.
– Can spur one to manifest prosperity.
– Transforms negative or stagnant energies to clear, usable frequencies.
– Excellent stone for protection.
– Ally for clearing negative family patterns or ancestral karmic debt.
– Helps with SAD, stimulates metabolism, physical energy, and the flow of energy along the meridians.
– Helps draw out infection & detox.
– Stimulates sluggish digestion, organ, and gland function.