Best Practices for Charging Your Crystals

Crystals need to be charged back up now and again. This helps revitalize the stone, and helps make sure it’s energies are functioning optimally. There are several simple methods you can employ to charge your crystals and get them back to their full potential.

When Should You Charge Your Crystals?

If you use or wear your crystals and they don’t feel as vibrant or energetic, if they feel slower or heavier, or instead of a bright feeling they feel sort of heavy, empty, or dead, these are good indicators that it’s time to charge your crystals. If you don’t feel like your crystals are working as well as they ought to, or you notice a loss in connection with them, clearing and charging is likely the answer.

Charging Crystals Under Moonlight

Both sun and moon are very clearing and energizing. Technically you can charge your stones by either method. However, charging in sunlight has far more potential to damage stones, and can bleach or fade them, shatter them, and even dissolve them into dust, as is the case with Chalcanthite. Charging stones under moonlight is the far superior – and safer – method.

Leave the crystals in the moonlight overnight, or over multiple nights. Once you bring them inside, or remove them from your windowsill, they should feel much more energetic.

Be aware if it is going to rain overnight, or if it’s very cold. Some crystals do not do well in moisture, and the moisture plus cold can split or crack other crystals. Know your crystals before adding elements to them.

Eclipse Energy for Charging Crystals

An eclipse is coming! You want to charge your crystals in eclipse energy? Hold tight… we DO NOT suggest that! Eclipse energy is a hard reset for your crystals. Any connection you have made with them, and any programming that you’ve done will be completely wiped clean. Eclipse moon energy is fantastic for clearing crystals (if a full reset is what you’re looking for), but not for charging crystals.

Charging Your Crystals with a Crystal Grid

A crystal grid is an arrangement of crystals or stones on/in a specific geometric shape. It focuses the Universal Life Force in a particular way for a particular purpose.

  • Gather a group of Quartz crystals (6+).
  • Point them inward in a circle.
  • Place the crystal or stone you want charged in the center of the circle.
  • Leave it there for 24+ hours.
  • There are far more elaborate forms and types of crystal grids to look into, if charging your crystal with a grid is something that resonates with you.

Bury Crystals in Earth to Charge Them

Burying crystals for a week or more will replenish your crystal’s energy very effectively – and is a powerful method for cleansing crystals, as well. Burying crystals is *especially* effective under a full moon.

The burying method is particularly effective for grounding stones, such as:

We suggest burying in a protective cloth or leather. You can bury them without it, but if you do, make sure it is a crystal that can be washed off in water afterward, and one that will not be damaged from moisture in the soil.

Other Methods for Charging Your Crystals

Place your stones on a large crystal cluster for 24+ hours, or until they feel charged.

Set your stones and crystals on a Selenite / Satin Spar plate overnight. This will cleanse and charge them.

Put your crystals to be charged underneath an orgonite pyramid, carved stone/crystal pyramid, or inside a hollow, copper frame pyramid.

Place your crystal under running spring water to absorb the creek’s life force. Use this method only with water-safe crystals.

For a whole different feel with your crystals – and again, for water-safe crystals only – try charging your stones in a storm that offers thunder, rain, and/or lightning. This can create a particularly powerful charge, though not all crystals will “agree” with this type of charging. Check in with their “personality” and see if this is right for them and for you.

You can also place stones among the leaves of a growing, healthy plant for 24+ hours. This is particularly effective for stones and crystals, such as Staurolite, that have an affinity to plants, and ones that connect to the Devic (fairy/fae) realm.