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Reckless Spirits

December 2021

Crystallography Gems products featured in pilot episode of Reckless Spirits.

Seattle Refined

Start your Crystal Journey at Crystallography Gems in Georgetown
by Abby Luschei
October 28, 2021

Before you step inside a seemingly unsuspecting building in Georgetown, you must call to get the door code. It’s reminiscent of a speakeasy, but instead of finding a place to drink inside, you’ll find something a little more magical.

The staff at Crystallography Gems change the code often, and for good reason. What lies upstairs is a sea of chests and shelves filled with color. Here you will find high-quality, high vibration stones and crystals, and a team happy to help you find the perfect one — or better yet, show you that you already have the tools within to do it yourself.

“When I first started with crystals, I thought I was broken,” said owner Michelle Ferris. “It felt like a rock in my hand […] I thought there was something legitimately wrong with me. But I later learned there are all these different ways you can sense things.”

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Leaf Life Podcast

Show #128: Energy Crystals
Northwest Leaf / Leaf Life
August 9, 2021

Cannabis users love crystals. And whether you would utilize their energy for recharging your chakras in the moonlight or simply because a particular piece of earth gives positive meaning to your life symbolically, rocks are the great revealers of a secret life beyond words. Come energize with us on a cellular level and feel the vibration of positivity emanating from this giant rock on which we ride.

Subject discussed in the first segment: WHAT IS CONSCIOUS GEMOLOGY?
Subject discussed in the second segment: DIFFERENT STONES FOR DIFFERENT VIBES

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VICE Article

What Happened When I Wore a ‘Cursed’ Crystal for a Week
by Koh Ewe
August 31, 2021

When moldavite sales skyrocketed over the past year, Michelle Ferris knew right away that it was because of TikTok. 

“For a long time before TikTok, it was not popular except among specific collectors,” the Seattle-based crystal shop owner told me. At the peak of the Moldavite craze, Ferris went from selling one Moldavite every few weeks to selling about five pieces a day.

In the world of crystal healing, Moldavite is a tektite known for heralding powerful transformations that will invite things into people’s lives and put people on their “highest path.”

When Ferris first started wearing Moldavite, she experienced a huge surge of energy, she said. Apparently, this feeling is so common that there’s a name for it: Moldavite flush.

The purported power of Moldavite may be how it gained initial traction on TikTok. Then came the trove of videos that have given the gemstone an especially bad rap for stirring shit in people’s lives. In these videos, TikTokers tearfully document terrible news supposedly caused by Moldavite, from car crashes to severed relationships and even death of family members.

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ViceAsia Instagram Story

I Wore a ‘Cursed’ Gemstone Everywhere for a Week
by Koh Ewe
October 7, 2021