Crystals for Beginners

“What are the best crystals for beginners like me?”
“How do I choose a crystal, and how do I know it’s the right one?”
“What do I do with it once I have it?”
“I’m new to collecting crystals, which ones should I buy?”

There are so many questions when just starting out with crystals, and it can be overwhelming when you don’t know where to start or how to begin. Here at Crystallography Gems, we believe strongly in educating clients and people new to collecting crystals. We want you to feel empowered and confident in your crystal purchasing decisions.

Crystal Starter Set

Which crystal starter set is right for you? Some crystals are a little more challenging to work with, or are more potent and can be energetically overwhelming to those just starting on their path.

Depending on what you are working on, or the stresses you are dealing with in your life, different combinations of stones might be more advised.

Michelle Ferris has curated several lists of crystals for beginners. The lists include stones who’s gentle energy is supportive in any situation, but also can be chosen from a specific list of crystals for more focused healing work. These lists can be used by anyone at any level, so are wonderful for people who are new to crystals and energy.

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Picking a Crystal

“There are so many choices! Where do I even begin picking a crystal, and how do I know if the crystal is right for me?”

Although it can be helpful to have a list, or prior knowledge for choosing your stones, it’s not necessary. Let your intuition, or your “gut feeling” take the wheel. I found that hardest part when choosing crystals as a beginner collector was trusting my own intuition. If you have issues with this, you can also ask a person at a trustworthy local crystal shop, or use a pendulum to help get your intuition outside of your head and moving through a separate tool. Either way, if you trust yourself, you will end up being attracted to the crystal you need.

It’s okay to step away from thinking logically. If you’re drawn to a crystal, then it’s going to work well for you! It would likely surprise you if you saw how much variety there is in this “crystal attraction.” The variety in what crystals attract our customers is huge, and rarely the same stone twice in a day.

There’s no single “right” crystal for everyone. Each person, in each moment, is going to be drawn to a different stone for what they are working on or dealing with in that moment. Crystals for beginners, however, should generally be a little gentler in their energy, so as not to overwhelm the user.

When you choose a crystal, it’s all about resonance. Pick a crystal that you think is pretty, or that feels good when you hold it. Maybe it “sparkles” a certain way for you, visually or energetically. Is that voice in your head saying “pick me, pick me!” when you look at it? Whatever you purchase, and however it does, it should be something that jumps out at you.

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Using Crystals

Stones are said to have a wide range of healing properties and meanings, but how do you start using crystals? Is there a right or wrong way to use crystals? How do you tune in to your stone’s energy, especially when new to collecting crystals?

There are several methods for getting in touch with the energy of your stones, such as: observation, meditation, active rest, close contact, wearing them, and putting crystals on an altar or other intentional space. All the different methods (and some that aren’t listed) are completely valid. We all have different extrasensory powers and skills, so the best method is the one that resonates for you!

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Cleanse Your Stones

It’s important to frequently cleanse your stones of accumulated energy. They collect energy easily, from all kinds of places, people, and energies!

This isn’t a bad thing. However, to help ensure your crystal is resonating fully with you, it’s best to get rid of those energetic imprints. This is known as “clearing” or “cleansing” your crystal. Especially as someone new to collecting crystals, your crystals are working extra hard to help you move through stuck and stagnant energies, so it’s extra important to keep their energy squeaky clean.

Cleansing your crystal will help your stone produce the strongest vibrations and energy. Since it clears imprints left by other people and energies, it also means there is more clear communication between you and your stone.

Cleanse your stone when you first get it, after you use it for healing work, and when it has been around any intense or negative energy, people, or situations. That includes you, if you’ve had a bad or challenging day, and worked with, or near, your crystal. Learn several different methods for cleansing your crystal – as well as some that we do not suggest, as they can damage your crystal.

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Charge Your Crystal’s Energy

There are so many different ways to charge your crystal’s energy. We find the best – and safest – to be moonlight, but there are a variety of different methods, such as: crystal grids, spring water, charging them in a crystal cluster, putting them on Selenite or Satin Spar, or even putting them in with plants or singing to them. Satin Spar or Selenite are excellent crystals for beginners because of their cleansing and charging properties, and make remembering to do this a lot easier.

Ultimately, the best way to charge your crystal’s energy is what resonates with your own energy (and bandwidth). Whichever method works for you, make sure you do it. Charging your crystal will revitalize it, and make sure it’s functioning optimally for you.

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Crystal Encyclopedia

Learn all about crystal healing properties including geological information and photo galleries in our Crystal Encyclopedia. Get to know everything from common stones to rare minerals with this wonderful resource. For those new to collecting crystals, this is a helpful resource to help you identify stones and minerals, as well as learn the energetic healing properties of crystals.

We do our best to update often and ensure that we have a metaphysical description available online for any crystal, mineral, or stone that we currently sell, or have sold in the past.

We’re a little behind at the moment, as we are in the middle of a full website revamp, but be sure to bookmark us and check back often, as we will be adding over 400 crystal meanings and descriptions over the next several months.

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Additional Resources

Toxic Minerals: A warning on making gem essences… Make sure you know which minerals are unsafe (or less safe) to handle before taking the plunge!

When I first started out with crystals, I threw myself in headfirst, and immediately started making gem essences. Unfortunately, I didn’t know at that time that many toxic crystals and stones that can poison you. It didn’t occur to me that invisible heavy metals and other poisons were leaching out of my beautiful new tumbled stones, and right into the water I was drinking. It is possible to make gem essences with toxic minerals through an indirect method instead, but it still requires good mineral hygiene and proper handling to avoid cross contamination. It’s best to start out with safe stones and crystals for beginners.

Crystals that Require Special Care: Learn which crystals are sensitive to water, light, or are soft and easily damaged. This is not a comprehensive list, but will give you some crystals to start with. We want to make sure that if you’re new to collecting crystals, you have as much knowledge as possible to get you on your way!

Resource Library: Learn more about topics adjacent to the healing arts and to crystals.