All are welcome here rainbow. Inclusive banner for creating a safer space.

Inclusive Crystal Shop

We believe in creating a safer space; a welcoming, inclusive crystal shop. At Crystal Lounge by Crystallography Gems, everyone is treated with respect, compassion, and dignity. We feel that our differences are what make life beautiful, fun, unique, and interesting. Our owner and employees work to create a culture where these differences are celebrated.

We ask that our customers respect both our employees and other customers, and help us create a safer space.

As a part of our dedication to being Seattle’s most diverse and inclusive crystal shop, we diligently work to ensure our shop represent our beliefs – including the owner, employees, vendors, mines, healers, readers, and spiritual intuitives with whom we work.

Zero Tolerance for Discrimination

Crystal Lounge by Crystallography Gems has zero tolerance for discrimination and hate speech. Discrimination is inconsistent with our company’s mission and values.

We embrace and celebrate the differences between us, such as: race, religion, skin color, sexual identity, gender identity, ethnicity, disability, neurospiciness, and national origin.

Any speech or action used to vilify, humiliate, or incite hatred against another person or group will not be tolerated.

When customers visit our store and interact with our employees and fellow customers we ask that they:

  • Communicate respectfully.
  • Refrain from language, gestures, or actions that are abusive, harassing, hateful, and/or obscene.
  • Never mock, ridicule, or mimic another’s culture, accent, appearance, or customs.
  • Avoid wearing clothing or accessories that promote hate speech or display offensive symbols.
  • Do not engage in threatening, intimidating, or other hostile or offensive acts.
  • Do not bring in symbols or weapons used for violence.

Those not in accordance with our policy will be asked to leave, with assistance from law enforcement if necessary.

Thank you for supporting our business—and our efforts to create healing in the connection between all of us.

Inclusive rainbow pride flag

Diversity At Crystal Lounge by Crystallography Gems

Crystal Lounge by Crystallography Gems is woman, neurospicy, LGBTQ+, and BIPOC owned. As a pansexual woman of color, it is challenging for me to feel safe in shops that tout “tolerance,” but have zero representation.

The Crystal Lounge employees are powerhouses of knowledge in Crystals, Minerals, Metaphysical, Plant medicine, Indigenous medicine, and more. Though I’ve chosen them for their skills, the Crystal Lounge staff is also chosen because their differences help bring unique cultural knowledge to the shop. Our collective backgrounds and unique histories make us better together as a whole.

The majority of our staff and healers/readers are:
BIPOC, LGBTQ+, Women, Non-Binary, or Two Spirit, and Neurodivergent

Whether you are a part of the New Majority* or not, or are anywhere on the spectrum of sexuality, gender, class, disability, neurodivergence, or otherwise, we welcome you. We invite you to join us as your most authentic self.

*US Census data shows that caucasian people are now outnumbered by other racial groups

Accessibility at Crystal Lounge

Accessibility at Crystal Lounge by Crystallography Gems is front and center in the downtown location. There are three stairs at the front door, but we have an ADA lift, and are working with the building architect to install a handrail, as well. We have designed our space with wider aisles for easy navigability with mobility tools like walkers and wheelchairs.

As someone with limited “spoons,” ADHD, and an autoimmune disorder that occasionally leaves me flattened and unable to walk without assistance, I do my best to provide an accessible and safe space for others. Our crystal and metaphysical shop is disability friendly, and we welcome all to come experience, learn, shop, or unwind and have a drink.

Some things that might assist you if you have varying levels of superpowers and/or disability:

  • Spoons: We have couches available for those who require breaks during their crystal shopping.
  • Noise Level: Music is generally kept relatively low, and though we occasionally get busy, our space is generally happy, grounded and more quiet. Earplugs are available upon request, if auditory processing is a challenge. Our quietest and most calm hours are generally weekdays between 2pm – 5pm.
  • Germs and COVID Safety: Masks are optional in the shop. Our HVAC system consistently cycles air, and we regularly sanitize common touch surfaces.
  • ADA Access: Crystal Lounge is wheelchair accessible, and has one paid ADA parking spot in the parking lot two doors down.
  • Restrooms: One gender neutral restroom is available to customers.

Land Acknowledgement

ʔi, ti dsyaʔyaʔ (Hello friend)

Crystal Lounge by Crystallography Gems respectfully acknowledges the original and current caretakers of this land, water, and air: the Duwamish Tribe & Coast Salish people, all of their ancestors, and descendants.

This land is Indigenous and was colonized through the use of interlocking systems of dominance: white supremacy, imperialism, capitalism, and patriarchy. It is our collective responsibility to support Indigenous people, culture, and rights, thereby honoring, protecting, and sustaining this land. Crystallography Gems strives toward including and honoring decolonized knowledge and traditions.

– t̕igʷicid (Thank You)

If you’d like to learn more, there are resources to help connect with and understand some of the topics mentioned above. Here is the story of the North Wind Weir which is a cultural landmark for the Duwamish people. If you are curious about which Indigenous land you are on, here is an insightful map by Native Land. Some resources like the Treaty of Elliot BayThe Center for the Study of the Pacific Northwest, and Bracero Railroaders by Erasmo Gamboa can provide some local historical understanding.

If you are interested in supporting the Duwamish Tribe, consider setting up an annual donation to Real Rent Duwamish or buying from the Duwamish Longhouse.