Accessibility at Crystallography Gems

We are woman, LGBTQ+, neurodivergent, minority owned shop. As well as the owner, much of our staff falls in these spectrums. As such, we do our best to create an inclusive experience for all at Crystallography Gems. Our crystal and metaphysical shop is welcome for all to come experience, learn, and shop. Some things that might assist you if you have varying levels of superpowers and/or disability:

  • Spoons: We have a couch for those who require breaks during their crystal shopping.
  • Noise Level: Music is generally kept relatively low, and though we occasionally get busy, our space is generally happy, grounded and more quiet. Earplugs are available upon request, if auditory processing is a challenge.
  • Germs and COVID Safety: We regularly wipe down our touch surfaces at the shop, and still require that everyone wear a functional mask (one will be provided for you if you do not have one). Though our staff is vaccinated, this is to protect the safety of those who have chronic illness or autoimmune disease. We don’t like wearing them, either, but we do love protecting you, our clients.
  • Restrooms: There are restrooms available on both the first and second floor.

Accessibility Challenges

  • Phone: A phone is required at the front door, in order to call to get the door code.
  • Wheelchairs: Unfortunately, though the ground floor is accessible by wheelchair, there is no elevator to our shop (2nd floor), so we are not wheelchair accessible.