Accessibility at Crystal Lounge

Accessibility at Crystal Lounge by Crystallography Gems is front and center in the downtown location. There are three stairs at the front door, but we have an ADA lift, and are working with the building architect to install a handrail, as well. We have designed our space with wider aisles for easy navigability with mobility tools like walkers and wheelchairs.

As someone with limited “spoons,” ADHD, and an autoimmune disorder that occasionally leaves me flattened and unable to walk without assistance, I do my best to provide an accessible and safe space for others. Our crystal and metaphysical shop is disability friendly, and we welcome all to come experience, learn, shop, or unwind and have a drink.

Some things that might assist you if you have varying levels of superpowers and/or disability:

  • Spoons: We have couches available for those who require breaks during their crystal shopping.
  • Noise Level: Music is generally kept relatively low, and though we occasionally get busy, our space is generally happy, grounded and more quiet. Earplugs are available upon request, if auditory processing is a challenge. Our quietest and most calm hours are generally weekdays between 2pm – 5pm.
  • Germs and COVID Safety: Masks are optional in the shop. Our HVAC system consistently cycles air, and we regularly sanitize common touch surfaces.
  • ADA Access: Crystal Lounge is wheelchair accessible, and has one paid ADA parking spot in the parking lot two doors down.
  • Restrooms: One gender neutral restroom is available to customers.

Is Your Store Child & Pet Friendly?

Yes! However, we do ask that you stay with kids and pets at all times while visiting as our store does stock toxic minerals. We do enforce a You Break It, You Buy It policy as well, so please make sure your little ones and furry friends are well-supervised and gentle with our delicate stones!