Crystal Education

Whether you’re ready to embark on your crystal education, or you want to expand your knowledge in the mineral kingdom, we’re here to help. Our education and resource materials are here to guide and empower you to find knowledge that is correct, true, and resonates with you.

Crystals for Beginners

If you’re new to crystals and minerals, tune into our education center designed around Crystals for Beginners. It can feel very overwhelming just starting out with crystals, both in the sheer number of crystals there are, and the meaning behind them. Use our beginner’s crystal education center to get a strong foothold in your knowledge base.

We’ve incorporated several guides to help those just starting on their path with crystals, as well as lists of Beginner Crystals for those that prefer a more standardized approach.

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Crystals for Advanced Users

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Toxic Minerals

Whether you’re handling minerals in your collections, making gem essences, or doing lapidary, it’s important to know about toxic minerals, and which crystals are safe to handle. We have compiled information from many different authors on the subject of toxic crystals and poisonous stones to help you navigate how best to use them in your life.

When I first started out with crystals, I threw myself in headfirst, and immediately started making gem essences. Unfortunately, I didn’t know at then that many toxic minerals could poison me. It didn’t occur to me that invisible heavy metals and other toxins were leaching out of my beautiful new tumbled stones, and right into the water I was drinking. Whoops. Hopefully this list will prevent you from making the same mistakes I did, and remind you to always check the toxicity of your crystals first.

It is possible to make gem essences with toxic minerals through an indirect method instead, but it still requires good mineral hygiene and proper handling to avoid cross contamination.

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Crystal Care

Learn which crystals are sensitive to water, light, or are soft and easily damaged. This is not a comprehensive list, but will give you some crystals to start with. We want to make sure that if you’re new to collecting crystals, you have as much knowledge as possible to get you on your way, and confident about learning more.

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Geology & Science

The primary online resource we utilize for geological education is It’s an excellent source for geological and science-based information. It is the world’s leading authority on minerals and their localities, deposits, and mines worldwide. They provide a platform to promote awareness about geology, mineralogy, and mining and those sciences and industries that are intrinsically linked to them.

If you are having a hard time figuring out what your crystal or mineral is, their site can be an incredibly helpful tool – especially if you know the source location of your specimen. Their search tools allow both beginners and experts to find answers, consult experts, and delve deeper into a growing archive of educational articles, downloadable books and magazines, a comprehensive mineral and mining glossary – all being updated every day.

Rockhound Resources & Mineralogy

The best way to start rockhounding and doing lapidary is by connecting with your local rockhound community and utilizing the knowledge and resources available at a lapidary or rock and gem club near you.