Our Healing Practitioners

We work with several different Healers, Readers, Channelers, Astrologists, Curse and Hex Breakers, and other Energy Work & Healing Practitioners in the greater Seattle area. As an added resource to our clients, we are including information about them, their modality, and services offered.

Practitioners that we work with go through a vetting process to ensure that we can fully recommend the quality and integrity of their work and services. Many of our practitioners have been the personal healers and readers of owner Michelle Ferris for many years, and have helped her in her own spiritual journey.

Our practitioners are available for off-site private bookings and online sessions.

Olna Xara Sojourn (The Cultivated Hippy) – Reiki Master, Reader, Channeler, Clairvoyant,

Skeeter Welhouse – Reader, Tarot, Cord Cuttings, Curse Breaking, Chaos Magic

Pan – Curse Breaking, Hex Removal, Intention Programming, Protection

Veronica (Tarot by Veronica) – Tarot

Reita Johnston – Energy Work, Somatic Healing