Find What You’re Looking For at Crystallography Gems

Find what you're looking for at Crystallography Gems
Garnierite Stone Sphere with Michelle Ferris owner of Crystallography Gems

Come find what you’re looking for with Crystallography Gems, a curated crystal collection that’s been hand-selected over the past decade. Shop online, learn about crystals in our Learning Center, or visit our incredible Showroom in Seattle’s Belltown area. With Crystallography Gems, I have always strived for excellence and authenticity, both in the products we carry, and in how we care for you, our client.

If what you seek is a diverse selection of natural wonders, you’ve found it. Crystallography Gems specializes in a wide array of sizes and price points, stocking everything from home decor crystals to museum-quality mineral specimens and collectors pieces, from tumbled pocket rocks to intricate stone carvings, and from jewelry to metaphysical tools.

My focus has never been on the size of the stone. My passion for quality and the energetic clarity of a crystal is what inspired me in the beginning, and continues to drive Crystallography Gems forward today.

Crystallography Gems Ethics:

  • Quality and Energetic Clarity
  • High vibration stones
  • Ethically sourced crystals
  • Rare and hard-to-find Minerals and Specimens
  • Hand selected material

No matter if your interest is Metaphysical, Geological, or purely Esthetic… We are always happy to help you find what you’re looking for.

You can visit our Seattle crystal shop in-person, hop on a Live Broadcast Sale in our exclusive Facebook group, or order crystals from us online.  

The Crystal Culture of Crystallography Gems

I work very hard to ensure that all our employees are in line with the Crystal Culture that I want to bring into the world.     

Crystallography Gems staff members each have various talents in the esoteric and healing arts. We are knowledgeable about crystals and minerals (and we love learning with you if we don’t know an answer), and are kind and compassionate. But one of the most important infusions into our Crystal Culture is our diverse set of life experiences and backgrounds. I was born and raised in Seattle, the homogeneity of the crystal, mineral, and healing arts communities made me feel excluded, less-than, and like I couldn’t really relate to others, despite our shared love of the mineral kingdom.

Everyone deserves to enjoy crystals and minerals, and the opportunity to feel like they are a part, rather than apart. I wanted to bring a different Crystal Culture forward. I wanted a more inclusive space, a safer space, and one where people can find other people who can relate on a deeper level.

The Crystal Culture of Crystallography Gems is:

  • 100% neurodivergent
  • 100% LGBTQ+
  • 70% POC and/or ethnically underrepresented
  • 100% womxn, nonbinary, or trans
  • 100% inclusive
Learn about Pendulums for Divination with Crystallography Gems
Pendulums from Crystallography Gems are just one of the many useful tools for tuning in and listening to your inner wisdom ancestors and spirit guides

Learning About Crystals

Learning about crystals and minerals has always been confusing. Along with the true mineral names, the layers of trade names, (and worse) trademarked names has added levels of obfuscation that make it difficult to suss out what’s real.

We work diligently to ensure we are putting forth the best and most current knowledge in this field. Our current Crystal Encyclopedia is under construction so that your experience learning about crystals will be easier, more comprehensive, and more accurate.

Some of the topics you’ll be able Explore:

  • Metaphysical and Healing Properties of Crystals
  • Geological information for stones
  • Toxic Crystal warnings
  • How to Choose, Use, Cleanse, and Charge Crystals
  • Correlations to Deities, Astrological Signs, Numbers, and more
  • Trademarked Crystal Name Translator (coming soon!)

For now, you can start learning about crystals in our new and improved Crystal Encyclopedia!

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