Which Crystals are Seeking You?

High vibration healing crystals and stones
Get lost in a shaman and visioning crystal: Smokey Lodolite Quartz / Garden Quartz point. Draped with heart-healing Rhodochrosite bracelets, and high vibration Rose.

Crystallography Gems carries a diverse selection of quality, high-vibration, ethically sourced crystals, stones, minerals, and metaphysical tools. We are more than happy to assist you in your crystal healing journey. We have knowledgeable staff members and healers who can help you, no matter whether your interest in crystals is geological or metaphysical. Crystallography Gems strives for excellence in both quality of products, and care for you, our client. You can visit our Seattle crystal shop in person, or order crystals from us online, we’re happy to help.

We work hard to carry a diverse range of products and price points. Whether you’re looking for tumbled stones, jewelry, stone carvings, rare mineral specimens, unique crystals, display and home decor crystals, or metaphysical tools, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for with Crystallography Gems.

Healing Crystals

Learn about a wide variety of crystals, minerals, and stones through our Crystal Encyclopedia. We do our best to keep it updated with every type of crystal we sell, or have sold in the past. Whether you are looking for the geological information for crystals, or the metaphysical crystal healing descriptions, you’ll find it on our site. Immerse yourself in knowledge from our free crystal education center, and or catch up on articles related to crystal healing and metaphysical knowledge.

Crystal and Stone Pendulums for Divination
Pendulums are just one of the many useful tools for tuning in and listening to your inner wisdom, ancestors, and spirit guides.

How to Choose a Crystal

Figuring out how to choose a crystal can feel overwhelming. There’s an abundance of choice with crystals, gems, stones, and minerals. How do you choose a crystal that’s correct for your current problem? What is the right stone to help you heal?

Though it can be helpful to have a system or prior knowledge to select your stones, it’s not necessary. Your spirit/subconscious will guide you to the stone you need. Learn several techniques to help you how to choose a crystal.

How to Use Crystals

If you’re just beginning on your healing journey, it’s important to learn how to use your crystals. At worst, they’re still a pretty rock. But tapping into your inner knowledge and their healing energy can provide huge benefits to your emotional and etheric body.

Learn how to use your crystals, how to tune in, and different ways you can engage with them – whether it’s carrying your stone, using your crystal on your altar, or wearing your crystal as jewelry.

Crystallography Gems’ Story

Crystallography Gems was established with one goal: to share high quality, high vibration Minerals, Crystals, and Stones. Our passion for quality and energetic clarity is what inspired us in the beginning, and it continues to drive us today.

In ten years, Crystallography Gems has grown and shifted dramatically. We’ve morphed from a blanket with a few specimens into a small rock and crystal booth. From a small crystal and mineral show into a large scale rock and gem show series, and now have continued on, hosting Live Broadcast sales on Facebook and Tik Tok, opened a brick-and-mortar Rock and Gem shop in Seattle’s Georgetown neighborhood, and an online crystal shop.

Throughout our journey, and despite major changes to our business model, our core business ethics and practices have remained consistent.

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