The Transform Your Life Box


The Transform Your Life Box is NO JOKE y’all. This is THE BOX for taking your life to the next level and clearing out what no longer serves your highest purpose in this lifetime. If you are ready for MAJOR MANIFESTATIONS and LIFE CHANGING ENERGY, then this is the box for you! This box contains Moldavite earrings, a Moldavite chip bracelet and a size 8 Moldavite ring, a Libyan Desert Glass pendant, Aquamarine specimen and Labradorite freeform carving. With these beautiful and powerful vibrational tools, nothing will stand between you and your higher self. Moldavite and Libyan Desert Glass are both tektites, created from the impact of 2 different meteorites with the Earth. These tektites contain massive amounts of energy from these impacts, and have the ability to give major insight into causes of dis-ease in one’s life. They can propell one to rapid spiritual evolution and raising of one’s overall vibration. They will clear out anything blocking one from this evolution. It can be intense and cause major changes in one’s life very abruptly, but it can also clear out energy vampires, dead end situations and no good friends, jobs and relationships. And really, ain’t nobody got time for that anyways! The Moldavite is one of the highest vibrational stones and major tool for deep healing. The Libyan Desert Glass restores depleated life force energy and helps manifest one’s will on Earth. The Aquamarine specimen is a helpful tool for closure, helping one to heal and move on from the dissipation of unhelpful relationships. It helps one break self-defeating patterns and encourages one to take responsibility for themselves. The labradorite freeform carving is a powerful tool for creating and maintaining boundaries, enhancing intuition and dispelling illusions. It is highly protective, deflects negative energy and brings out the best in people.
– Moldavite earrings
– Moldavite bracelet
– Moldavite ring size 8
– Libyan Desert Glass pendant
– Aquamarine specimen
– Labradorite freeform carving

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Blue, Green, Rainbow, Yellow


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