A green tectosilicate mineral, Amazonite is a type of potassium feldspar called microcline. It is named after the Amazon River, where greenish-aqua rocks like Amazonite have been found. It was first described as a distinct mineral only in the 18th century. Green and greenish-blue varieties of potassium feldspars which are predominantly triclinic are designated as amazonite. A 1985 study suggests the blue-green color comes from quantities of lead and water in the feldspar. It is found in granite and occasionally cut and used as a gemstone.

  • – Powerful filter of geopathic stress, EMFS, electromagnetic pollution
  • – Filters information while combining it with intuition
  • – Aligns physical & etheric bodies
  • – Helps us see both sides of a story
  • – Manifests universal love
  • – Balances masculine & feminine
Member of: Feldspar group
Crystal System: Triclinic
Hardness: 6-6.5 Mohs
Specific Gravity: 2.55-2.57
Tenacity: Brittle
Cleavage Quality: Perfect0
Fracture: Uneven, Conchoidal
Refractive Index: 1.522-1.530

Amazonite, Russian
Amazonite, Dark Green