Back to Top Aragonite | Crystallography
  • Earth healer and grounding stone; stabilizes the base and earth chakras, deepening connection with the Earth.
  • Gently takes you to childhood & beyond to explore the past.
  • Teaches patience & acceptance.
  • Good for those who push themselves too hard, and facilitates delegating.
  • Encourages discipline, reliability & pragmatic approach to life.
  • Gives insight into the causes of problems and situations.
  • Stabilizes twitching & spasms that come from inner unrest.
  • Warms extremities (treats Raynaud’s disease and chills).
  • Heals bones, aids calcium absorption, and restores elasticity to discs.
  • Eases pain, and relieves night twitches and spasms.
  • Can be placed on a map to heal stress lines in the earth.