The Black Rose Box


The Black Rose Box is the perfect gift for the goth in your life. Whether in a relationship or totally against them, with this box you can show your moody or emotionless being that you care. This box comes with an Opalite pendant with gothic crown clasp, that vibrates with an energy of youthful joy and teenage angst. A black tourmaline bracelet and palm stone to protect against negative energy projections, bad drivers, EMF radiation and evil spells and entities. Paired with a rainbow topaz bracelet and earrings for perfect goth color coordination and a super handy “invisibility cloak” energy to hide in public places, like high school, work, parks, the grocery store… anywhere really. A super moody blue labradorite rose carving that is perfect for repelling energy vampires and negative family members, with a dark flash of a midnight butterfly wing. A piece of palo santo wood for creating manifestation energy and protecting black rooms and bat caves from negativity. And a selenite bowl, for cleansing and charging other crystals and healing your goth’s deep dark soul. This box also comes with a sugilite pendant, one of the strongest spiritual stones to show one’s true purpose. Whether that be brooding, spellcasting, victorian literature, collecting cats or obsessing over death, sugilite is sure to help your goth find their unique purpose, with loving guidance. Also with bonus smokey quartz!

– Opalite Pendant

– Black Tourmaline Bracelet

– Black Tourmaline Palm Stone

– Rainbow Topaz Bracelet

– Rainbow Topaz Earrings

– Labradorite Rose Carving

– Palo Santo Smoke Cleansing Stick

– Selenite Charging Bowl

– Sugilite Pendant

– Smokey Quartz

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