A variety of Quartz and a pseudomorph of Crocidolite. It forms when Crocidolite’s parallel amphibole fibers are replaced by silica. The parallel fibers create an optical property called “Chatoyancy” or “Cat’s Eye” effect, in which a band of light is reflected off of the parallel fibers of the stone. It is a metamorphic rock with a dark blue to gray color and a silky luster. Most Tiger’s Eye is mined in South Africa, but it can also be found in India, Burma, Australia, China and Brazil.

Associated with the throat & third eye chakras, zodiac signs of Leo & Capricorn & vibrates to the numbers 9 (blue tiger’s eye) & 7 (hawk’s eye).

– Boosts one’s ability to speak clearly and be understood easily. Good for public speaking & singing.
– Guides one to be truthful and live with integrity.
– Calming; reduces stress/anxiety.
– Illuminates hard-to-see emotional or mental issues.
– Helps one sort through information and retain the necessary pieces. Good for studying, learning and work.
– Relief from fears, phobias, tempers.
– Balances yin/yang female/male energy.
– Aid in astral travel & remote viewing.
– Beneficial for the throat, esophagus, mouth and teeth.

Chemical Formula: SiO₂
Shape: massive
Crystal System: trigonal, hexagonal
Color: dark blue, gray
Luster: silky
Diaphaneity: opaque
Hardness: 6.5-7 Mohs
Cleavage: none
Fracture: conchoidal
Specific Gravity: 2.58-2.64 g/cm³ Refractive Index: 1.534-1.540