A sulfide mineral that crystallizes in the orthorhomic system, Bornite, also known as Peacock Ore is an important ore of Copper at around 63% by mass. It has a coppery brown to red color on fresh surfaces that tarnishes to iridescent shades of blue, green & purple. Bornite forms a solid solution series with Chalcopyrite and Digenite.

– Associated with all chakras, zodiac sign of Leo & Libra & vibrates to the numbers 2 & 11.

– Facilitates the release of blockages to the chakra system.
– A stone of happiness, it reminds one to stop and smell the roses and find joy in the small things.
– Protects against negativity and shows one the blocks that prevent reaching goals.
– May be beneficial for those with epilepsy.
– May help regulate adrenaline levels in the body.
– Beneficial for fighting depression, sadness, and lack of desire to accomplish tasks.