(South Africa)

A metamorphosed chert found only in South Africa. It is a form of Serpentine, though it is sometimes referred to as Jade. This stone gets its green color from inclusions of Fuschite, Epidote and/or Chlorite. It is very closely related to Verdite, with the only difference being that Buddstone is mottled with brown and white and Verdite is not. Both Verdite and Buddstone are mined as byproducts of gold and garnet mining industries.

– Associated with the heart chakra, zodiac sign of Taurus & vibrates to the number 5.

– Enhances stamina and patience, especially for those caring for the elderly or children.
– Encourages a sense of well-being in the face of adversity, and allows one to be self-sufficient.
– Offers the wisdom of our ancestors, and helps us to understand our own distinct family line, cultural habits, and belief systems, observing them with compassion and discernment.
– Helps us choose to live by only the beliefs which best serve us, our highest calling, and the greater good.
– Calming, soothing, and helps create “safe space” to do emotional work.
– Physically relieves migraines, headaches, menstruation pain, diabetes, hypoglycemia, and vertigo.