A cryptocrystalline quartz agate variety of chalcedony, carnelian gets its color from iron oxide inclusions. The name comes from the Cornel Cherry, whose fruits resemble the stone. It ranges in color from a pale pink/orange to a rusty brown, with the most popular color being the bright orange/red, which has been used as a gemstone for thousands of years. Like most quartz, it has a hardness of 7. It has a vitreous luster & is transparent to nearly opaque with white banding.

– Associated with the sacral chakra, zodiac sign of Virgo & vibrates to the number 5.

– Abundant energy, confidence, assertiveness, motivation, ambition, drive, determination, luck, success.
– Heals trauma to the etheric body/aura, which manifests as physical symptoms.
– Enhances passion, love, desire.
– At work, wards off undue pressures of co-workers/corporations with unrealistic expectations.
– At home, protects against accidents, fire, storm or flood damage, theft etc.
– Makes a wonderful housewarming gift as it is beneficial for the protection of the home & harmonizes the relationships within it.
– the “Singer Stone,” clarifies the voice & gives confidence for performing on stage or in front of a camera.
– Gives the courage needed to help overcome difficulty &/or defend a cause.
– Promotes idealism, a sense of community, and pragmatism.
– Physically boosts blood circulation, enhances sexual desire and performance, aids in fertility, becoming pregnant and relieves menstrual pains.