The name Cavansite is derived from the stone’s chemical composition, calcium vanadium silicate (Ca-V-Si). It crystallizes in radiating acicular prismatic crystal rosettes, balls and rarely in bowties. These rosettes can be a few centimeters tall and are usually found on a matrix of other zeolite minerals such as Apophyllite and Stilbite. Its color is a mesmerizing blue. It is polymorphic (it shares a chemical composition, but not structure) with an even rarer mineral, Pentagonite, which forms bladed crystals. Cavansite was discovered in 1967 in Oregon. It can also be found in small amounts in India, Brazil & New Zealand.

– Associated with the throat & third eye chakras, zodiac sign of Aquarius & vibrates to the number 4.

– Stimulates channeling, metaphysical awareness, and combines this with everyday logical thought.
– Helps one to remember and understand the messages in dreams.
– Endows one with optimism, inspiration & regeneration.
– Brings destructive behavior to light & helps one to think before acting.
– Facilitates endorphin release, enhancing feel-good factor & healing. Good for use during strenuous activity, while getting tattooed or during physical therapy.
– Physically reduces mental fog, brings clarity and helps one to be more present, which in turn allows many more tasks to be completed.

Hardness: 3-4 Mohs
Specific Gravity: 2.25-2.33
Refractive Index: 1.542-1.551